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Services of ATPL-Coaching

> The following services are offered:

  1. Web Portal 24/7 with a detailed FAQ List (Frequent Asked Questions) in the registered area
  2. Plan and Protocol of the learning units (Spreadsheet reports, calendars, etc.)
  3. Recommendation of the next subject to be processed
  4. Graphical analysis of the results as graphs
  5. Progress monitoring / sustaining of motivation via email and telephone
  6. Status notification in individual time intervals
  7. ATPL-Coaching newsletter

This means you will

  • finish your training earlier,
  • enter the cockpit sooner, and
  • have the contents handy not only for the exam...
Licenses / RatingsPeriod starting with registrationPrice (inkl. VAT)
ATPL / CPL / IR3 Months169 Euro
9 Months*259 Euro
24 Months349 Euro

*Recommendation of ATPL-Coaching during normal training

...and you can

  • compete the exam without fear and
  • save potentially the cost of retesting...

> Also included:

  • Introduction to the methodology
  • Telephone support / assistance with technical matters (up to 3h)
  • Instruction and training on how to behave in the test
  • Aviation Weblinks for your preparation

If your flight school is attending the ATPL-Coaching program, up to 20% of discount is available.

>Yes, you have convinced me! I want to register!

>I still have a few questions!


If the case, time becomes too short...

Licenses / RatingsExtensionPrice (inkl. VAT)
ATPL / CPL / IR+3 Months109 Euro
+6 Months149 Euro


In case, the one or the other subject is not 100% clear yet, ATPL-Coaching can support you professionally by individual sessions during your preparation. If interested, please use the contact form!!


Advantages and benefits of ATPL-Coaching:

  • Structured exam preparation
    Focusing on the "right" subjects!
  • Regular alignment
    Do not lose sight of your goal!
  • Manageable learning units
    Each session takes about 2h. After 7 to 10 units per subject, you will become ready for the exam!
  • Recommendation of the next subject
    No difficult choices anymore!
  • Overview of the subjects
    Recognize relationships and synergies!
  • Reasonable exam strategy
    No slips of the pen anymore!
  • Continuous preparation not mendatory
    Suitable especially for working students!
  • Saving costs potentially for retesting
    Unfortunately, we can not give a guarantee. But you will notice for yourself that you can save costs for retests.


Pilotenservice Dr. Winthir Brunnbauer

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