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Why ATPL-Coaching?

To obtain the private pilot license (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), or the instrument Rating (IR), each candidate must pass a written theory test to prove his or her knowledge. This examination may include up to 13 subjects and last up to 20 hours spread over up to three testing days.

The vast number of up to 24,000 test questions (depending on the license type) requires an efficient method.
Why ATPL-Coaching can help you...

With the help ATPL-Coaching, I will pass the exam!

The Method

A specially tailored method for the exam preparation facilitates the learning process of the course content. In addition, the provision of the required syllabus in a short time is trained. This is very important especially immediately before the relevant tests to pass them. This applies regardless of whether you have completed a full course or a distance learning course, or even if you (unfortunately) have to redo some exams! The method...

Hints on proper exam preparation and execution

Passing the exam is not just a memorization of test questions. Also the equipment and strategy during the examination are crucial. Moreover, the secondary is often underestimated.
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The ATPL Coaching Services


This brochure provides an overview of the issue, methodology and services of ATPL coaching.
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Pilotenservice Dr. Winthir Brunnbauer

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